Lyrica Strings 9_2



"Bringing the joy of music to Spokane and the surrounding   Inland Northwest"

Spokane, Washington

[email protected]


Spokane Washington

[email protected]


Performance Policies

Payment Details

  • 50% due with contract

  • Other 50% is due 7 days before event

  • $25 per week late fee



       -Cancellation by host over 7 days prior to event 50% of total fee is refunded.

       -Cancellation by host within 7 days before performance, no refund is  


       -Kleinmann Strings has never canceled an event, but reserves the right to    

        cancel up to one month before event with a full refund.                              -

       -Full refund is available if Kleinmann Strings cancels for conditions beyond                 reasonable control (such as fire, flood or other events).



If an event starts late or runs over the agreed time performers are not obligated to stay, but will accommodate schedules permitting according to the overtime pay scale.  


Outdoor Conditions

To protect the instruments, which cost anywhere from $5,000 - $25,000 each, we only perform in temperatures between 60 and 92 degrees F and we need a plan to help performers be sheltered from direct sunlight, falling branches, and rain. A 10x10 canopy, tent or overhang are sufficient precautions.