Booking FAQ

What sets Kleinmann Strings apart?

Kleinmann Strings is a lively group of young professionals. We offer a wide selection of music from the classical composers of Bach and Mozart to the contemporary standards of today. We have had years of experience playing at events, in orchestras, competitions and solo recitals. Kleinmann Strings is dedicated to providing the highest quality music.

Should I hire a string quartet or smaller ensemble?

String quartets have the largest repertoire to choose from, and produce a lush, full sound that carries. Smaller ensembles (the duo or trio) produce an elegant, intimate sound and are good options for a budget.

Do you play music other than classical music?

Our musicians are fans of all genres of music, from country to rock to pop. If you are looking to add elegance to your event with a twist of modern flair, we are your group. In fact, if your special song isn’t in our repertoire we will add it for a small fee that enables us to puchase the music and arrange it. If your song is unpublished, please contact Kleinmann Strings and in most cases we will be able to arrange it.

Do you play at outdoor events?

Yes, outdoor venues are very popular in the summer. We do ask you to provide a 10×10 tent/canopy/overhang (no umbrellas, please) for the sake of our instruments so the space is shaded and dry (no sprinklers or rain), and the temperature be at least 60 degrees F and no more than 92. Our instruments are extremely valuable, acoustic marvels that require proper conditions.

Do you travel outside of Spokane? Coeur d’Alene? Tricities?

While the majority of the events we play are in Spokane, we do travel. For events further than 20 miles, we charge traveling fee (look for it on our Pricing page). In general we travel as far west as Ellensburg or Yakima, as far north as Kettle Falls or Sandpoint, as far south as the Tri Cities, and as far east as Coeur d’Alene. Please click here to access our Service Area Map. If your event is outside of those general boundaries, please consult Kleinmann Strings about your specific event details and location.

Are your rates negotiable?

We want your business! E-mail us your concern, and we will work to accommodate your budget.

How soon should I reserve Kleinmann Strings?

Kleinmann Strings is currently accepting bookings through December of 2024. Most weddings are booked 4-12 months in advance. If you would like our group to play for your event, please contact us as soon as possible in order to secure your date.

Do we need to meet with you in person? Will you play at our wedding rehearsal?

Believe it or not, all arrangements can be coordinated via email and telephone. There is no need for us to be at your rehearsal. On the day of your wedding (or event) we will arrive approximately 15 minutes before we are scheduled to play, to verify our cues are correct. If you are having us play for your processional and/or recessional, please be assured we are adept at timing the music to your party.

What will you wear?

Kleinmann Strings dresses in formal black unless otherwise specified by the host.